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Sleep consulting that is evidence-based and emotionally supportive for the whole family

image of Shira Unterman, baby sleep consultant

Shira Unterman, Baby's Best Sleep Certified Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant

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I'm so happy you're here!


I'm Shira, founder of Sweet Dreamers Sleep Consulting, and mama to three littles under the age of 5.


​I am a passionate sleeper. I love nothing more than getting into my bed (early!) after a long busy day and catching some zzz’s. When my oldest was born, I thought I was never going to sleep again. Like most new parents, I was overwhelmed and exhausted, and so anxious that I spent hours and hours reading and researching how to get my baby to sleep. I struggled to sift through just how much conflicting information is out there, between the wake windows, nap transitions, and (trigger warning) the infamous “drowsy but awake”. I needed one person who would guide me and hold me accountable to my sleep goals. Enter: a professional sleep expert. Who even knew there was such a thing?


At first, I felt SO bad. Why couldn't I figure this out on my own? What's wrong with me? In hindsight, there was no way I could have, and I really appreciated being accountable to someone else. Within 3 days later, our sleep was back on track - nights AND naps! 


Years later, we are a well-rested, appropriately caffeinated, family. Let me be that person for you, and I will help you and your family get the sleep you deserve so you can be your best self day in and day out. 

My Philosophy

I firmly believe that there is not one best way to be a parent, and that is key to my philosophy as a Sleep Consultant. My practice is evidence-based and rooted in scientific learning, but my approach is emotionally supportive and tailored according to the needs of you and your family. I won't sugar coat it - this doesn't mean that there won't be tears along the way, but I will work with you to ensure you feel confident in your ability to support and connect with your child while they gain the skills to sleep independently.

How does it work?


Book a complimentary discovery call! The purpose of this call is to see if working with me is the right fit for you and your family. 



Choose the package that suits your needs. Depending on the age of your baby or toddler, I will recommend the package that I believe will help you meet your goals. 



We begin working together! I offer daily text message support so we can troubleshoot as we go, and I will continue to work with you until your baby is sleeping.

My Philosophy
Shira was incredible. She built a customized plan and system that worked for our family - and changed our life. She was always available and checked in often during our time together. Having someone there to ask questions to when you are in situations (missed nap, fell asleep in the car) was one of the best parts of working with her. Our babe is able to put himself to sleep at night with no fussing. COULD NOT RECOMMEND HER ENOUGH!

R and baby J (4 months)

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